To my movin' and groovin' girl

Dear Sweet Potato,

Today you started to crawl. This is a big deal for you and for us. We have been awaiting this day. While we're excited to watch you grow and explore your new independence, this also means new responsibilities for us and you.

Your crawling isn't the normal two hands, two knee shuffle. Instead, you seem to be taking after your Grandpa Kirk's crawling method in what your daddy is calling "the peg leg scoot". Up until today you would scoot and then sit, scoot and sit. Perhaps it was the spinach you had for lunch, I don't know, but this afternoon something clicked and you were off! Of course, crawling to your mother wasn't your first priority. You preferred to finally explore those nintendo remote controls you've been eyeing much to your father's chagrin. Anything with buttons is your forte.

And if crawling wasn't enough, you're also becoming a pro at pulling yourself to a standing position, steadying your feet--even when your baby toes are tangled in blankets, and have decided that if someone will hold your hands you'll walk. You are growing up little one. We are so proud of your new accomplishments and know they will take you (and us!) places we never imagined.

Mommy and Daddy

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