BIG Savings

I like to play a game when I go to the grocery store. It's called how much can I save today. My record was something like $35-37. I clip coupons, but only use the ones for things we need and I pay extra close attention to the circulars. Well, last night, I did basically two weeks worth of shopping with the help of David and Tabitha. Not only did we get it done in 30 minutes, BUT we saved some serious cash. Our total before savings was 156.30. Subtract a $50 gift card (thank you Mama!) and $62.23 in coupons/store savings meant we paid $44.31 for groceries! Plus our local grocery store allows you to earn points toward  gas savings. Thanks again to my Mama for the gas coupon [spend $50 get 300 gas points] and we now have .40 cents off each gallon of gas. AND... they don't expire until mid-August!!

It's the small victories in life that make me smile. :-)

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