David and I have commented often in the past year about all the things we take for granted that at one point we actually had to learn: focusing with both eyes; learning how to form sounds with our throat, tongue, lips; ability to grasp, first with a whole hand and then with a pincer grasp; etc. All of which we have watched Tabitha master in the past 11 1/2 months. Most recently we've been working super hard on sign language with her. It was always a desire of mine to teach my children some sign, but I never imagined the joy and pleasure of seeing a little one learn to communicate.

We started with a great little book from our birth instructor entitled I Can Sign Playtime. It's a board book with a DVD. So we read the book a million times, then started watching the 20 minute animated/live action film. The cute babies, the fun music, and silly puppets add up to 20 minutes of guaranteed fun--even if we watched it yesterday. [Someone is getting I Can Sign Animals for her birthday!]

Wanting to take it to the "next level" we borrowed Baby Sign Time from the library. Within the past two weeks we've noticed a tremendous increase in Tabitha's ability to communicate. She now can sign:

  • Hat
  • Ball
  • Car
  • Bubble
  • More
  • Sign
  • Time
  • Book
  • Read
  • Yes
  • Sleep
  • Train
  • Wash hands
  • Please
  • Sorry
  • Thank you
  • Milk
  • All Done/Finished
Now, don't be too impressed. Just because she knows how to sign these words, doesn't mean she uses them 100% of the time, but she's getting better. For example, this morning I was nursing her and being her silly-self she was not nursing, but looking all around. I asked without signing, "Do you want more milk?" She signed, "yes" and got down to business. It's so great to not only be able to communicate to your child, but with her.

Here's a short video of her signing her three favorite words.

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