CSA Farming

On Saturday, David, Tabitha, my brother, my mom and I all headed to Loysville, PA for Open Farm Day at our CSA Spiral Path Farm. It's a day just for members to pick up extra veggies, cut flowers & herbs, eat all organic meals at the cafe, and purchase meat and bread from other organic farmers.

Sticking her tongue out... What a child!
While we arrived shortly after the start time, the parking areas were full with people who had the same idea as us. Beat the heat. Standing in line for our extras made me so thankful for all the people at the farm who daily work in the fields and greenhouses (can you imagine!?!) to bring us such lush, tasty food. Our food does not magically appear in our grocery stores. All across the world people toil in the soil coaxing little seeds into edible plants. Between our CSA and watching Philip tend his garden, I am humbled by their knowledge of God's creation. It's not just botany but biology too. Plus, the dedication when the ground is hard, the sun intense, and the breeze or rain nowhere to be found!

Uncle Philip taking his Tabi through the misters.

Despite the excessive heat, we planned to get up there early, grab our stuff and head home. Mission Accomplished! While Mama and I got the veggies, Philip cut flowers and herbs, and David took Tabitha around the farm. We're very excited to be trying organic beef from Coulter farms and bread purchased from Lark Rise Farm has been scrumptious. A year ago we had gotten some organic beef from another local farm, but it really lacked flavor and tast. If we like the tast of Coulter Farm's meat, then we'll consider purchasing a portion of a cow to keep in our new freezer. Ahhh... I knew that baby would come in handy.

After baking in the heat, we came home and celebrated National Hot Dog Day with all angus dogs on the grill. :-) Later the gentlemen dispersed to their own delights (well, not quite for David as he had to watch Tabitha who refused to take an afternoon nap), while Mama and I joined Lisa, her mom, and sister to go wedding dress shopping. It's so much fun to see a beautiful bride-to-be's excitement as she looks for the perfect dress. Sigh. A weekend full of lovely food, people and activities--despite the record heat!

Pondering the scenery.

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