Eleven Months... oh how time flies!

Little Sweet Potato today you turn 11 months. Last year at this time Mama was waddling around the house attempting to stay cool. Grocery store trips and pool visits took about the same amount of time, but instead of playing peek-a-boo with you I felt your karate kicks.

Your big accomplishments this month are:

  • Signing book and hat and bubble
  • Getting better at giving kisses and waving good-bye 
  • Cutting your first tooth! (It is only noticeable if you stick your finger in her mouth, but it's there folks!)
  • Swimming. You are a total fish and nothing water related seems to scare you.
  • Eating like a big girl. You want your own spoon and to feed yourself.
  • Favorite foods: Rice cakes, watermelon, cheese, pasta, pretzels and ice cream. :-)
  • Tantrums. Take a toy away, watch the tears roll. Try to give you food you don't like, meltdown.
  • Climbing the stairs. You do this all the time. Mama's legs are lookin' good thanks to her stair-mistress!
  • Nearly walking with only holding on to one of Daddy's fingers. 

We are also seeing your problem solving skills develop. You are attempting to figure out how to climb up on things and mastering how to get down off of chairs, sofa, and the bed. Mama loves how you scramble to Daddy when he comes home and how you don't want to let go of him once in his arms.

Daddy and I feel as though parenting as a job versus parenting as a care-giver is happening. More disciplining is necessary as we see your stubbornness and self-centeredness emerge. Still, you are discovering your world and we are trying to keep you safe.

We love you!

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