August Delights

Growing up our December was always nuts. All told we celebrated four birthdays, two anniversaries, and, oh yeah, Christmas. I remember thinking as a kid I didn't want to be like my parents and have my anniversary, a major holiday, and my kids birthdays all in the same month.

Well... I've managed thus far to avoid the major holiday. See David and I were married August 6 and his birthday is August 9. Last year we added Tabitha's birthday on August 13. Now that might seem a bit tight, but when you go and add two more family events (a brother's birthday and a grandparents' anniversary) I've basically just switched December for August. Sigh.

Having such a concentrated month does mean you feel like you never stop celebrating. Not a bad thing in my book. Since we also decided to throw in a week of vacation this August (I must be nuts), my wonderful hubby decided to celebrate our 6th anniversary early.

Monday, August 1st David told me to be ready at 5:30 and look nice. I put on my favorite new dress, pearl earrings, lipstick (it's been awhile), high heels (it's been a real long while!), and topped it off with a borrowed Luna capelet from Pam. At 5:30, David picked me up, and whisked me away to Bricco.

This restaurant is far classier than any we ate in before kids, which meant that we were totally out of our element and giddy about it! We started with their fresh, made on site bread and an appetizer of Burrata (gooey mozzerella incased is firmer mozerella with figs, melon, tomatoes, basil, and Tamworth bacon) and La Quercia Cured Salumi. Imagine a cutting board of various hams cut so thin they seemed transparent and served with a Melon-Fennel Panna Cotta and Garlic Mostarda dipping sauce. Pretty much heaven on a plate. I also had a white sangria.

Our first course we had half portions and shared. I ordered the Ricotta Truffle Gnocchi served with peas, mushrooms, olive oil toasted bread crumbs and Gruyere. David ordered Sage Pappardelle which is braised duck, red wine and pancetta. Then came course #2.

David decided to try the Yellowfin Tuna which came with fennel, dried orange, sweet pea tortellini and a fine herb-chili brodo (sauce). I too stuck with seafood and delightfully consumed Roasted Lobster and Crab. If that doesn't sound heavenly enough, it was served with Root Beer Pork Belly (uncured bacon--oh yeah baby!), fennel, finely sliced apple, and drizzled with a vanilla bourbon butter. Seriously, at this point we'd been at the restaurant eating for two hours. It was amazing!

Then we ate dessert. David indulged in blueberry cobbler with macadamia nut gelato while savored roasted peach champagne sorbet and a cup of tea.

Needless to say we had an evening of elegance. I think it might be the most romantic thing we've ever done. Thank you honey for planning such a lovely evening for just us. Let's do it again sometime soon (even if it's in our dining room with Thurn & Taxis). It's been a great six years and counting.

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