No Business Whatsoever!

I know you are all anxious to see Tabitha's cake eating pictures. They're coming. We've been a little on the "cock-a-doodle-coo--coo" side of things lately. See we're getting ready to take a short break from the hustle and bustle, which inevitably means extra hustle and bustle before leaving.

Which is why I had no business whatsoever getting involved in a craft project. None. Still, when I saw Julie's adorable, clever, and practical idea for Art on the Go, I had to make one or two. The crafty bug bit and I had Sweet Potato loaded in the car before either of knew what was going on. Only one hitch, Tabitha really can't appreciate it until she's slightly older. 

Then Mommy had a brainstorm. Magnets. Julie used magnet discs to attach the can of markers for her girls. What if I attached magnets to say, puzzle pieces and then she could have a storyboard of sorts! The end results are pretty awesome in my book. Quick, simple, easy, and pretty in the end. 

Cookie sheet #1. 

Tabitha received a sound puzzle from Grandpa and Grandma for her birthday. Well the sound aspect sent her into tears. So I repurposed the pieces and she is totally loving sticking them to her new magnetic cookie sheet.

Dollar Store pencil bags to hold pieces.
Dollar Store cookie sheet (small size) with Dollar Store puzzle piece magnets.
This was such a fun project and really only took me an afternoon. The possibilities are endless and great for kids of all ages. And for any of you home schoolers or potential home schoolers, doesn't this give you goosebumps for all the teaching in and out of the car that could happen?

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