Birthday Celebrations

NOTE: I actually wrote this post a couple weeks back with the intent that I could easily add some birthday snapshots and send it out to you all. Alas, my plan was thwarted! While there is much to fill you in on it will have to wait. Without further ado... THE BIRTHDAY! 

It's been busy around here.  Not because summer is drawing to a close, or because knitting season is about to explode, but because we had a very sweet little bird's birthday.

To keep this new mama from having a meltdown in the whole "I-have-to-plan-a-birthday-party?!?!" department, we decided to keep things small and family centered. So... we celebrated once with the Runyons and once with the Trues. Can I just say it's so much easier only trying to coordinate one family's schedule at a time! It also allowed me to get double use out of decorations. Another bonus, Tabitha has pictures of her 1st Birthday. We're generally picture slackers around here.

Our theme was blue birds. So the party was held in Tabitha's nest complete with "twigs" (pretzel sticks) and "worms" (the gummy kind). We had cake and oh-so-yummy-Mrs. Stover cupcakes too. Much fun was had by all and our little blue bird of honor got the greatest joy out of tissue paper and her cards. Enjoy the kodaks!

The decor.

Not so happy about the singing.

But the cake isn't bad.

Our little hobo.

Yes, she actually licked the plate clean.

Mrs. Stover's works of art!
Attempting to blow out her candle.

Yummy, yummy!

Can I have another? Please???

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