Hallow's Eve Treats

We're not big Halloween fans, but I'm not the sort of mother that can deny her sweet child a fun day of dress up! Before I had children, I vowed to myself that their Halloween or Reformation Day costumes would always be homemade. This was not to make me mother of the year, but to prove to myself and my children that you can find new uses for just about anything. Besides, growing up, deciding what to be and making my costume was fun.

Last year, Tabitha was a sweet little pumpkin.

This year I rounded up a pair of woolly boots, some stockings, a knitted cap, a knitted shoulder cozy (to make into a pint-sized skirt) and some construction paper. The end result...

Tabitha the Gnome!

The adorable doll Tabitha is loving on was a very special gift from Ms. Barbara. Dollie even came with her own knitted Red Riding Hood costume and basket for Halloween plus an extra sweater for when the weather turns cold. Knitters are such generous folks. Thanks again Barbara!

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