It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

It's October, but snow has fallen. We received approximately 4-5 inches of accumulation, but probably a little more due to some early melting. I had to work at yarn-love today but ended up closing early due to the snow. Many have lost power but we are thankful to still have our lights and heat! The meterologists are predicting wind tonight and the temperatures to drop causing icing and possibly more power outages. It could be a very interesting night.

For her first snowfall--that she could actually play in--Tabitha wasn't all that excited about being in the cold. Perhaps it was the quart bags rubber banded over her slippers since we don't yet have snow boots for her. Still, she helped us shake our trees in an attempt to prevent branches from snapping. We know we lost a few branches thanks to the leaves and heavy wet snow. Despite the oddness of snow in October, it really is beautiful and quite peaceful to view.

10:30am-- Snowing for about an hour.
Sad Snow Bunny

4:30 pm-- After shaking the trees twice.

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