15 months!

Today our little Sweet Potato is 15 months old. These past few weeks were challenging. We've had some very stubborn and ornery moments, mostly revolving around food and mealtime. Additionally, she has repeatedly awakened at 3:30 every night--with one exception being Saturday morning at 1:15 am. While we tried comforting, letting her cry it out, playing with her, feeding her, sleeping with her-- basically trying everything we could think of or read about, nothing satisfied. At the same time, we noticed how her language development has exploded lately. So we're chalking these middle of the night disturbances up to a developmental milestone. 

Here are her 15 month stats--
               Height -- 30 inches,  35%
               Weight -- 20.14 pounds, 35%
               Head Circumference -- 17.5 inches, 10%

She might be on the small end of the scale, but she's got plenty of personality. Recent accomplishments include--

  • More consistent imaginative play. She consistently has conversations with her stuffed animals and even told Mama via sign language that she was pretending her red Duplo was a car (making her Daddy quite proud).
  • Mimicry. This includes both sounds and housework. She loves to help vacuum, rake, sweep, or cook. Sometimes this is very helpful, like peeling the garlic for dinner. Other times it is decidedly unhelpful like when she unpacks her diaper bag right before we're ready to walk out the door. She is trying new sound combinations, but no new words have formed yet.
  • Wearing PJs that Mama wore when she was a baby.
  • Expressing Emotion. This runs the gamut from tossing toys or food when having a melt down, to  requesting Eskimo kisses by pressing her nose against yours and shaking her head. She's also gotten good at blowing kisses, and enjoys giving spontaneous hugs to other pint-sized friends.
  • Language explosion. While we never set out for her to learn American Sign Language (ASL) in it's entirety, there are times where her knowledge surpasses ours. She can use appropriately somewhere between 90-95 signs. We're working on forming short sentences, but it's slow going right now. Still, she has shocked us by recognizing an animal or food--especially ones that we haven't been necessarily reinforcing.
  • Coordination. I would never say that David or I are ultra-coordinated. We are definitely not athletes. Tabitha is not showing any great athletic talent either, but she is becoming more adept at moving and controlling her body. She recently received a small riding toy and has quickly learned how to get herself on and off of it. Her balance has also become more steady allowing her to move faster than we always like. 
Stick in one hand, tanbark in the other.
  • Natural Curiosity. I prayed for curious child, and the Lord has answered that tenfold! Everything needs to be examined. While the typical toddler curiosity of trash and toilets exists, she also loves to explore nature. We often joke that David and I had my brother's child. Tabitha will walk outside and immediately pick up a rock, stick, or leaf (often needing an object in both hands). She almost always stops to pet moss growing in the sidewalk cracks, and has come within two feet of touching a squirrel. Add to this a strong desire, as in bangs vigorously on the door, for outdoor play and well, we don't spend many afternoons quietly reading. 

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