Birthday Wishes

Last year my birthday was awful. So awful. I spent most of the day vacillating between tears and anger.
All bundled up!

The otters had a great time despite the 34 temperature!
This year was quite a different story. My child still didn't nap, but my husband was home and we had a plan. Our plan involved going to ZooAmerica, eating pizza for lunch, relaxing during the afternoon, eating Neato Burrito for dinner, and relaxing in the evening. It was great!

Tabitha really enjoyed looking at the leaves and pine needles at the zoo. We did our best to get her interested in the animals, but she was quite happy entertaining herself with saying and signing "walk". Thankfully, her admission was free. :-) David and I got a kick out of seeing turtles, and snakes, lizards, and cats of all sizes. The American Marten was funny to watch and the Bald Eagles impressive. We definitely got our money's worth!

Notice the Canada Lynx in the background?
Tabitha didn't.

She's fascinated by straws.

Mommy loves her little girl's pig tails!

My golden birthday (29 on the 29th) was a success. Many thanks for all the well wishes, and a special thanks to my hubby for carving out the day to spend with us girls. This was definitely a day to remember.

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