Christmas Fun!

As promised here are some pictures from our Christmas time. Tabitha was definitely more into the wrapping, but not so much into her gifts. The few gifts that have held her attention are Signing Time/ Potty Time DVDs, alphabet magnets, Curious George stuffed animal (I foresee many adventures with Tabitha and George), an angel snowglobe-like thingy that changes color, and a singing Hallmark card-- which has momentarily disappeared for parental sanity.

Enjoy the snapshots friends!

My pretty bow that I learned to make with Pam. 

Tabitha and her three friends. They helped us put together our gingerbread house!

A masterpiece of gooey confection.

Daddy and Tabitha ready for Christmas Eve service.

Mama and Tabitha being silly girls.

Our Little English lady.

My Christmas centerpiece. Holly from my bushes, dried oranges,
 antique English croquet balls, and a lemon decorated with cloves.

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