Favorite Things

Despite it not being a Christmas song, Julie Andrews has been singing "My Favorite Things" in my head for the past few days. If I won the lottery or inherited more money than Scrooge, I'd be buying the following for all my family, friends, neighbors, and strangers!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber -- Nothing. Absolutely nothing makes cleaning the bathroom this easy. I've tried all sorts of homemade solutions to get my tile to shine, and the soap scum off the brushed nickel faucet. All have failed. But not this puppy. It is amazing. I used to have smudges in the textured floor of the tub that I attributed to carelessness when the bathroom was redone by the previous owners. I mean I had scrubbed until my arms were sore, but that grout or whatever never came up. One little firmly placed squiggle with the Magic Eraser and they were gone. Amazing I tell you!

Signing Time -- I've referenced several times on this blog about Tabitha and her language ability. We truly can't take any credit. It's all thanks to Signing Time. Tabitha loves these shows. By loves, I mean she stands up, bops to the music, and has to be returned to her seat on the couch because she wants to stand nose to nose with the TV. They are fun, interactive, are teaching her not just sign language, but also letter recognition, diversity, and music. If Tabitha were running the house, Signing Time would be playing all day!

Reisenthel Carrybag-- This is my workhorse. Sitting by the door, I fill it with whatever I'm going to need while out. Sometimes it holds knitting and yarn-love shop products. Other times, it's stuffed with books to return to the library, letters to mail, and dry cleaning to drop off while running errands. I've used it at the farmers market, in the mall, and on vacation. Not only is it heavy duty when necessary I can fold it down flat. Truly, I think I might need a second one.

Tabitha can't get close enough to scripture!
Yogurt Recipe -- We go through a lot of yogurt in this house. A lot. Tabitha eats it, I eat it, we cook with it, etc. Since we have chosen to consume only organic milk, it didn't take me long to realize that I could spend a fortune on yogurt. So I make my own. In my crock pot. Several years ago, my friend Liz (our hubby's were best buds in elementary school) posted her yogurt recipe. She was also kind enough to do all the math to calculate savings. I've never used any other recipe. It's perfect for us.

Seeds Family Worship -- I first heard about this group via Finding My Feet blog. Tabitha received their Seeds of Faith (vol. 2) CD as an early Christmas present. She loves it! Granted my child responds well to music, but these CDs are awesome. Not only do they give you two CDs (one for you, one to give away), but the music doesn't sound ultra kiddy. It's music that David and I can listen to without wanting to jump out of the car. If you've ever heard most kids music you'll get what I'm saying here. Writing scripture on our hearts is an important discipline for us and our children. These CDs make it fun, entertaining, and simple. Plus, there is nothing like seeing your child delighting in music knowing that one day she will delight in the words too!

That's my short list friends. I'd love to know what everyday items you couldn't live without!

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