Sleeping in PA

So proud of her new digs.
For anyone close to us you know that consistent sleep has been a thing most longed for in this house over the past 15 months. God has a sense of humor for he blessed David and I, who are big sleepers, with a child who runs on very little. We have taken all the advice we could get and read a stack of  "how to put your child to sleep" books, but nothing seemed to make any lasting improvement.

A couple Sundays ago, I talked with another seasoned mom, who casually suggested moving Tabitha out of her crib and into a regular bed. Considering that Tabitha was spending more time each night in bed with us rather than in the crib I started to ponder the move. Still 15 months seemed too early to try.

Monday night was the last straw. Tabitha slept in our queen-size bed, while David and I shared a single mattress on the floor of her room. Tuesday evening we bought a bed rail and moved Tabitha to a big girl bed. To say that we broke all the "rules" for transitioning a child from crib to bed is an understatement.

  • Rule #1-- Let the child nap for several days before trying an overnight.
    • We started with the overnight.
  • Rule #2-- It is best to wait until your child is close to 3 before attempting such a move.
    • She's almost 16 months.
  • Rule #3-- Always start with a toddler bed so the child doesn't feel "lost" in bed.
    • Her bed is regulation adult standard.
  • Rule #4-- Place the bed in the same place as the crib had been.
    • We put her in a new bed in a new room.
  • Rule #5-- Spend a week talking and reading about big kid beds. Make it fun for your toddler.
    • While we're picking out the bed rail crazy Mommy is saying, "Tabitha, you'll be in a big girl bed tonight. It'll be fun."
  • Rule #6-- Do not attempt too many transitions at once.
    • Is this too many transitions?-- Just hosted family for Thanksgiving which meant 4 days of little routine, house in utter disarray, preparing to host a Very Vandal Christmas, and decorating for the holidays. Basically, to Tabitha our house looks entirely different and our routine because of all the festivities has been entirely different.
  • Rule #7-- Remember that this is a milestone for you, the parent. Your baby is growing up.
    • Complete with reading corner and Christmas Tree!
    • No tears, but a little excited dance performed in the living room was had.
I've read the experts, we failed epically according to them. Interestingly though, Tabitha has done quite well. We've had 3 consecutive nights of 10 hours of sleep and no longer have a child that screams for an hour when we lay her down. I'm glad I borrowed all those sleep books from the library, because the actual solution was much cheaper.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are?

I'm in bed and so is she
And we're as happy as can be!

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