Follow UP

Grab a mug. Fill it with your favorite beverage. Find a place to sit. I'd like to chat.

After my last post, I received lots of feedback. All of it encouraging, many of you relating deeply with my words, my heart. Some of you have been here and are seeing God move you out of this stage. Praise Him! What encouragement to know that while every journey is different we are not forever stuck in this place. You also reminded me that in part, these feelings are the plight of mothering young children. Again, thank you Lord that children do not stay the same age forever!

Since writing, I've taken your encouragement, mulled over your comments, done some self-reflecting and made more decisions. [When you're on a roll, keep going, right?] 

I've realized that friendships come and change. There are beautiful, god-fearing women in my life that I love immensely and while we are still friends, the relationship has become less about being each other's confidant, and more about the history we share. Furthermore, I need to stop assuming/wishing/demanding(?) that these relationships fulfill my friendship desire.

I've also recognized that I can be a hard person to befriend. I love my routine, my schedule and people don't always fit where I'd like. All I can say is, I'm working on it. I'm actively trying to have more play dates and get to know more moms. Both of these areas will take time. So self, take off your antsy pants and rest awhile!

It was both comforting and saddening that so many young moms feel similarly. Obviously, I don't have answers as to how to prevent or circumnavigate such feelings, but I do know that I'm walking in this path right now. So if you need an ear, drop me a line.

As I've been percolating my emotions and your responses, I came across these two articles: "Friendship's Are Important" and "Listen to the Quiet". It was reassuring that this gap I feel is because friendship, companionship is natural. We should have lives filled with people who know us deeply. This has also been something that our church has been harping on for the past year or so. Perhaps I'll explain another day why a newspaper article hit home further than my pastor's encouragement.

The second article, "Listen to the Quiet" is precisely why I continued with Maximize Your Mornings[See that button to the right?]. I participated in the fall and was amazed at how much of a difference four simple things made in my daily life. Kat at Inspire to Action is such a godly, inspiring woman. While she challenges you to get up for your kids, plan your day, exercise, and be in the Word, the actual goal is daily make time for God to invade your heart, your life, your mothering. I'm learning self discipline on a totally new scale. The best part is that I have sisters who are walking alongside me around the country. We check in each day to encourage, pray for, and report how we're doing. It isn't perfectionism that we're seeking. Trust me, we're in week 2 and everyone of us has failed at least one day. However, we don't dwell on those days. We look to the morrow as a chance to begin again.

Ultimately, all this friendship and maximizing of life does not start or end with me. It begins and ends in Him. Hence, the title of this post. Yes, this is a follow-up of my thoughts. But my thoughts need to follow up to the One who breathed the world into existence, sustains my tired frame, and saw fit to insure my eternal destiny. Just as my daughter cries when I don't pick her up right away, I need to be crying up to my heavenly Father. Only in His presence will I find shalom.

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