I've been on a reading kick lately. When I read I tend to have a variety of topics, settings, styles all going at once. I just finished two books that despite being written 60 years apart, were both set in 1950's rural England and had main characters of gypsies. One was the third Flavia DeLuce mystery and the other Thrush Green written by Miss Read. When I started The Three Weissmanns of Westport I chuckled when it shared a supporting character named Ophelia like the Flavia books. It's quite funny to me how my reading material, despite being different genres and even written in different time periods, has crossover themes, characters, and settings.

I would highly recommend the Flavia DeLuce series and while I found Thrush Green to be a little slow, I did enjoy a book from Miss Read's other series called Village Diary. However, stay away from The Three Weissmanns. I got over half way through and it was still plodding in a dreary, depressed way with a rather bleak future ahead.

Off to read Shannon Hale's recent adult story. The sequel to Austenland called Midnight in Austenland. Should be a fast, silly, and highly fluffy, but fun read. And if it too is less than I desire, I'll put it down and pick up one of the many other books stacked next to my bed.

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