Look at you grow!

Playing with her "reading" glasses.
Sweet Potato happy 18 months! Your Daddy and I are so amazed by you and your ever emerging personality. You are developing quite the spoken vocabulary and your signing of phrases increases. You love your monkey George. In fact, we have to say good morning to George before we can say good morning to Tabitha. Curious George is your best friend and accompanies you everywhere. You spend your days babbling to George, reading books, playing, and giggling. When you don't get your way, you can throw quite the tantrum, but we're working on this.

Your favorite activities include:

  • helping Mama clean
  • putting barrets in your hair and pulling them out
  • unpacking the wipes from your diaper bag
  • rearranging the DVDs
  • coloring (including walls)
  • pretending to go to the store or library
  • playing with your friends
  • saying "hi" to animate and inanimate things, then giving them kisses-- this includes kissing your Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice a Counting Primer.

She swiped the knife
while I was taking the picture.

You now have 5 teeth (two top, three bottom) and have signs of molars starting to appear. You are 31 1/4 inches long (40%), 22 lbs (20%), and your head circumference is 17 5/8 (7%).

You love to walk, run, and are attempting to master the art of jumping. You are typical toddler picky when it comes to food preferring bread, fishy crackers, milk, and cookies over vegetables, fruit, or anything else Mama seems to offer. While you are getting better at sleeping, you still find yourself waking early (4am is not cool, darling!) or having restless nights where you lie in bed next to Mama and sign letters and numbers.

We have attempted some potty training, but aren't pushing it. You are interested, but haven't quite connected how it all works. We know you will in your own time; until then, we watch and read and talk about the potty a lot.

At 18 months you can--
A potty training day.
  • Say up, hat, Dada, Mama, nana (banana), doh (toast), ooi-ooi (milk), Wow!, uh-oh, go, rock, un (run), uup (poop), mo (more), Ell-ll-ll (Ella, our neighbor friend), no
  • Sign 170+ words regularly and recognize/find most letters when prompted
  • Signing the alphabet with the exceptions of letters i, j, m, v, y. When signing the alphabet you will also give the sound of each letter.
  • Counts 1-5 with some help
  • Collect the mail
  • Put your clothes in the hamper
  • Help set the table
  • Put books on the shelf the right way up (making your librarian parents smile with pride)
  • Get quite the pouty lip when upset!
  • Consistently cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
Little bean, you keep us movin'! You are busy, funny, and full of life. We are falling ever more in love with you. Perhaps our favorite memory of you right now is that every night we have a book picnic. While you love reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Color Kittens, you also insist that we read The Lord's Prayer and sing the Doxology. We cannot express how your desire for spiritual truth fills us with joy.

Happy Half Birthday Sweet Potato. We love you!

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