Will you be mine?

My knitting time is seriously getting hijacked. No it's not my daughter or husband. It's not even housework. It's Pinterest. Have you heard of it? I know several of you have because you're "pinning" recipes and design ideas that have my fingers cramping from clicking the mouse too fast. Bascially, Pinterest is a virtual corkboard, where you can "pin" ideas you see online. It's bookmarking only visually. Well, just as Ravelry can suck me into its labrynths of color, idea, and artistry, so Pinterest feeds my DIY, crafting and homemaking urges. Despite being a pandora's box, Pinterest is a great resource especially if you're looking for ideas for say Valentine's Day. Every year I try to do something Valentine's oriented for my husband and now my daughter. This year I'm thinking of selecting one of these fun, simple, and sweet ideas.

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