Day 1: The Living Room & Dining Room

Day 1:
Today was awesome! Not only did I get the living room and dining room cleaned, I also tackled the entryway and closet. To start, I would empty a room, pulling furniture away from the wall. Next came vacuuming and wiping down the baseboards and walls with water and PineSol. Then, I dusted the remaining surfaces. Next, I disinfected any knobs and light switch covers. Before bringing chairs, pillows, baskets, etc. back into the room I made sure that I knew where each item was going to go. This required a little help from Amazon Kristin as I rearranged some furniture. After that, I carefully brought back items into the room.

To avoid lots of running and to prevent useless clutter, I incorporated Tsh Oxenrider's suggestion for boxes. I had a giveaway, trash, and upstairs box--since we live in a two story home. When I came to an item that needed to go upstairs, I put it in that particular box. It made the re-decorating of the room simpler and saved time and energy. My giveaway box was full and my upstairs box nearly overflowing! The most important part of doing the boxes is to deal with them pronto. While Sweet Potato napped, I sorted through the items in the boxes and put stuff away.

*Note: I'm not cleaning windows because it is still rather chilly. Those generally get cleaned in May depending on the pollen. :-)

Hazards of Cleaning
When cleaning the dining room, I found a missing pacifier under the grandfather's clock. Never would have found it otherwise! I also ran into a slight dilemma. With our new living room configuration, Tabitha's toys and books aren't as easily "hidden". Since we all share the living room I try to make it easy for Tabitha to play, but still have it be an adult space. I've been thinking about getting a piece of furniture to add in our living room space for a while. However, I could never commit. I think this mostly comes from not knowing exactly what kind of furniture piece was needed. Now I know.  I need this kind of unit to house her books, library books, a table lamp, and some yarn goodies.

I'd also love to get this little bench. It's shown as an end table, but it would fit perfectly in my entry way. Allowing shoes to be stored and providing a convenient place to sit while putting them on seems ideal. Since this is no spend March, I won't be purchasing them... probably. See that shelving unit is on sale at Target with free shipping through Saturday. Thoughts? Day one and I'm already in a pickle.

No Spend March Clarification:
Also, Gretchen commented on my last post about a girls dinner we have planned this month. There are a few things on the calendar like David visiting Stix in Seattle or my dinner date with Gretch or Tabitha's play date at the State Museum. These items are exempt from the "no spend" rule because they have been on the calendar. Additionally, these activities fit right in with our family motto by valuing togetherness and building relationship with others. Our focus is not on cutting out people, but stuff. Curb the consumerism that so easily entangles. So Gretch, we're still on and I can't wait!

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