Day 9: Sparkling

Every room, with exceptions of the basement and attic, has been scrubbed and polished. There are quite a few tasks that remain like cleaning the kitchen ceiling fan (yeah I kinda forgot to look up) , scrubbing the couch of baby handprints, magic eraser stubborn marks on walls, cleaning all the windows, and getting out to spring clean the flower beds. However, much has been accomplished!

One thing I noticed as I moved furniture from the walls to clean the floors is how dusty the backs of dressers get. So I made sure to wipe those down along with the dust bunnies on the floor. Since I purged and de-cluttered as I went, our second bag of goodies is full and ready for Purple Heart.

As I progressed from room to room, I found this Spring-Cleaning Checklist from my Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook useful. While I didn't follow it step by step, it definitely helped me stay on track and remember those often unlooked places to clean. For this weekend, we'll be taking a break from the tidying and spending some time with family. After all, spring cleaning or cleaning in general isn't only about having a clean house. For me, it's so the yucky dirt can be replaced with happy dirt. Yep. Happy Dirt. The dirt that comes in because memories are being made and shared, versus the dust that settles on a stagnant surface.

Next week an update on No Spend March, crockpot cooking, pictures of Sweet Potato, and an experiment in cleaning a mattress! Have a great weekend, Friends.

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