A Penny for Your Thoughts

This old saying makes me pause this month. Pennies don't buy much these days. And boy have I been watching my pennies! It's the middle of No Spend March. Many thanks to Roots Farm Market for $0.35/lb bananas and $0.75 zucchini for keeping my grocery budget below average--even with gas prices!

In other areas, we've been counting our pennies as we spend them. Basically, I'm cheating. See I told you I would need accountability! We bought the bookcase, and love it.

I also purchased Tabitha's swimwear as it was marked down plus free shipping. Free shipping also applied to the new footwear she'll be receiving. While the shoes themselves weren't on sale, Tabitha was in need. Her poor little toenails were getting all scrunched and she was starting to walk tip-toe because of her tight shoes.

The other area we are downright failing in is hobbies. I purchased six lovely navy blue skeins (on sale) of Debbie Bliss Rialto DK for their color. Yep. No project in mind, just couldn't live without the color. I know lame. David on the other hand, purchased the Lego Town Hall to take advantage of a discount and reward points.

See we are looking for deals, we are being aware, but we're still spending. Sigh. One thing I would like to note is that our spending has become much more manageable thanks to mvelopes. If you like to use the old fashion system of envelopes (yeah remember those?) but your significant other likes everything to be in the bank all safe and secure, there is a happy medium.

David and I struggled for 6 years to have a budget that didn't lead to arguments over its management. No more arguing. We're both happy. We can see what we have, where it is going, and how it is growing all in real time. For those with debt of any kind (mortgage, student loan, credit card) they have a debt center that helps you. Plus, if you've got smart phones, they have apps. Honestly, this little system has revolutionized how our finances function. Check it out!

Check in on Saturday for some crockpot cooking. Oh yeah, baby it's gonna be yummy!

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