How much is necessary?

For the past year, David and I have been house hunting. We love our little home, but we desire a different layout, a different town, and closer to the things we frequent most. We've seen a lot, A LOT of houses. Nothing ever has totally fit the bill, but with each showing we get a better idea of what we want, what we like, and most importantly what we need.

Initially our dream home list looked like this:
  • Bigger: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 1-2 car garage, 2500 sq. ft. min.--not including basement
  • Character: old wood, history, original windows, charm
  • Amenities: air conditioning, heat, preferably already remodeled with our taste/style
Kinda unrealistic, totally not practical, and definitely not what we need or even actually want. It was what I thought/felt I needed to have to be hostess to family and friends, the space to home school, the home with room for all our big ideas and big hobbies!

Our list now looks like this:
  • Smaller: 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a garage, 2,500 sq. ft. max.-- including basement
  • Character: still love wood floors and charm, but am okay with adding it in as we go
  • Amenities: air conditioning, heat, remodeled ourselves (well have a builder do it)
What I want is a home that fits our family better than our current one. We don't need more space, we need the right space. I am tired of hauling a vacuum cleaner up and down stairs, and I'm too cheap to buy a second one for an upstairs--besides I have no idea where I would store it! So we're only considering ranch homes.

I hate cleaning bathrooms and honestly, growing up we primarily used one bathroom anyway, so why have two? Instead, make the "master bathroom" a half with vanity and toilet but with access to the hall tub/shower bath. 

Create a living room that encompasses our family. Space for hobbies, books, and fellowship so that we can all be together while each pursuing our individual interests. 

The basement? Keep it for assigned tasks, not hideaway or limitless storage space. So laundry, future guest space, seasonal decorations, home school supplies, full stop.

We're still refining but it's becoming clearer everyday where our treasure is found. And that's definitely not in a larger home!

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