Minimalist Musings

I know this forum has been quiet of late. We're kicking and moving. Fighting allergies and sinus infections. Growing, changing, dirtying our hands, and trying to convince the meat for supper to thaw faster. In short, life is movin' along at a clip.

In the midst of all this normalcy something is fundamentally changing within me. Slowly it's taking shape. I'm finding the words to describe yearnings and urges I've had for a long time. I'm also putting into practice more formally these heart desires. Much of my personality and heart resonate with being a minimalist. (This just might be why my Christmas/Birthday lists rarely have more than 5 things.)

No, I don't want to sell everything we own and live in a 400 sq. ft. space with only one change of clothes, no decorations, and just enough food to feed my family for one week--barely. I like Joshua Becker's definition and Lorilee Lippincott's is good, but it neither quite fit me or our family. I have to say that while David is quite supportive, he hasn't completely discovered his inner minimalist. 

What we are doing together is talking. We're thinking and discussing questions like: 
  • What are our long-term family goals?
  • How much space does our family really need?
  • What possessions do we think we need, but never use?
  • Are there areas we can trim to bless others (financially, time wise, possession wise, etc.)?
While we are mulling over our definition of minimalism, we are taking steps to reduce, eliminate, and recycle the unnecessary. More on that later...

Some blogs I've found useful as I sort through all this--

One thing they all agree on is that it's journey. Let's see where it takes us!

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