Man, I feel like a woman!

Disclaimer: I'm not really into country, but Shania Twain's song has been stuck in my head lately. So humor me please!

For the past month I've felt good. I mean really good. Like I-am-woman-hear-me-roar good. Back in September, I was Frump Mom. I didn't feel good about my body both outwardly or inwardly. Over the months, I've been pursuing things to change that image of myself. Some of those changes I've shared here like purging and being intentional about creating space for devotions every day (Hello Mornings!).

However, there has been something I've been pursuing that only a handful of you knew. I think I'm ready to let the cat out of the bag. Ready?

I've been running.

Now if you knew me in high school you'd double over with a side stitch. I was the girl that "practiced" dribbling a basketball for 6 weeks while everyone else played the game. I was also the girl that never once in four years of gym class ran a mile. I tried, but never succeeded and didn't really mind. Exercise has never been a priority of mine. When I gained nearly 35 lbs in college, I got it off by going to Curves. It was easy, and I rarely broke a sweat. Yep, that was always my goal-- don't sweat. 

Lame. I know. However, that's no longer me. Last Saturday, while many of you were still sleeping, out at yard sales, or possibly just heading to bed after a rousing night out, I was getting up to run. I ran not just one mile on Saturday, but 3.1 miles-- a 5K. Okay, I did walk some of it, but more of it than not I ran. It was blazing hot even at 8:30 am, but I felt good. It was actually fun in a dirty, gritty, oh-so-very-sweaty sort of way.

Starting at the end of the pack. It's a good place to be for your first race.

My real hero wasn't myself. It was my running partner. Abigail started running this race alongside of me back in October when she answered 101 questions, gave advice, and provided encouragement--especially during the long winter months. When we finally crossed the finish line, she was still leading by example even at 5 months pregnant!

There has been something very empowering about training for and running a race. I don't have any great ambitions but rather just to be healthy. Out of 530 people, I came in 456--right behind Abigail. We had hoped to finish in less than 45 minutes and did. Final time was 42:22 minutes. Those numbers might not be impressive, but here's what they boil down to for me. I ran a race AND I finished.

See that bridge as we walk up the hill? Yeah, we ran across it.
And notice, I'm really sweaty, but Abigail looks fresh as a daisy? I still don't know what her secret is.

Of course you don't ever really accomplish something like this alone. David bought be warmer winter running clothes, and accompanied me on many a run and always had a word of encouragement. My parents were there cheering us across the finish line--with my mother secretly relieved I didn't croak. :-) And my little girl not only cheered, "Go yeah! Mama rennn!!" She also wore an expression of pride throughout the day.

Thank you to everyone who knew and didn't laugh when I first shared my plan; who left messages of encouragement, and prayed for diligence. Now who wants run with me in October? Anyone?


  1. So awesome, Kristin!! Very inspiring!!

  2. I do I do I do! I will totally run with you in October! Well done, Kristin! I'm so impressed that you went from being a non-sweaty gal to a race-finisher in less than a year :) And you look great in those pics, by the way. I can't wait to start running again this summer, so a race in the fall sounds great to me-- keep me in the loop!

  3. congrats to you! i started running after my dad died 2 years ago. it really helped with the stress and made me feel better, too. haven't been running in quite a while now, though.

  4. Way to go Kristin! I'm proud of you!!! I'd love to join you in October -- but I'll wait and see what happens with my back. I'm tired of sitting around and want energy like a 29-year-old again! (HAH!)

  5. So awesome!! Great job, Kristin! :-D

    It's a GREAT feeling of accomplishment, isn't it? No matter what your time was or where you finished- just getting out and DOING it is something to be proud of!


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