Preparing for a New Year

It's the teacher in me, but my calendar year is not a January-December. I run from August til June with July being preparation for a new year. Last year, I wrote out specific goals for my family, my household, and me. I am happy to announce that each one was worked on and most were entirely completed. For this year, my goals are more focused. I am goal driven and there is nothing like crossing off an item from this master to do list.

My previous list had a long list under household. I probably should have just listed: House Makeover. Over the past year, we have done a huge amount of cleaning out, unscheduling the calendar, and making room for a different lifestyle. We have laid the groundwork for who and what we want to be.

This coming year our family will take this foundation and start to build. We'll be focusing on making time for more structured learning--especially for Tabitha. We are also making it a goal to exercise and eat better. This is an area that we have done well in, but it's time to ramp it up. We're entering the world of lower calories from bread products and more from vegetables. Green smoothie anyone?

I, personally, have fitness goals listed for my body, spirit, and mind. I have realized that while some Mama's can get a recharge by getting their nails done, I need to set aside a nap time a week to knit. I also need to consistently take time for accountability and quiet meditation. My sweet friend Katy has become my prayer partner and accountability partner. I feel incredibly blessed that God chose to answer my plea so quickly.

One of my other goal areas is my marriage. It's so incredibly easy to get caught up in the baby, the house, God, me that I forget my husband. He is such a dear, supportive man and he needs a doting wife.

As the year goes, I'll be sharing more, because this blog is actually a goal! I enjoy writing here and sharing here. I'm excited for what the coming 12 months have in store. I hope you'll join me.

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