Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

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August is a month of celebration in our house. This year David and I celebrated out 7th wedding anniversary (August 6), David's 30th birthday (August 9) and Tabitha's 2nd birthday (August 13). To celebrate David's birthday and our anniversary, we were old foogies, we took a bus trip. The Mechanicsburg Recreation Department is awesome! When I got their summer brochure advertising a New York City bus trip to see Mary Poppins on Broadway, I couldn't resist. The show was phenomenal and full of wonder. The songs were fun and had strings of the familiar. The casting and costuming were lovely. However, the real show stopper was the set design. It was like watching a story book unfold, refold, and unfold anew.

Of course a trip to NYC with my hubby would not be complete without a stop at some toy stores--especially with his birthday! We visited the Rockefeller Plaza Lego Store and the Times Square Toys R Us. Lego was purchased at both places, but they were small easily carried items. :-) We had lunch at The Counter and dinner at John's. Both places had excellent food. The day was full and tiring, but worth every sleepy blink. Definitely a memory making trip!

Tabitha turns two today! We celebrated with Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Caleb when we were in Michigan. Tabitha received a stoller from Grandpa and Grandma that she loves. She daily gives George and friends a "strolling" through the house. We celebrated her birthday with my side of the family on Sunday. Tabitha received many lovely cards and a few special gifts. David and I purchased her a simple kitchen set and my parents got her a tea set. She has spent the last 24 hours playing almost non-stop with these items! She loves to pretend and cook and bake. She will even instruct you to "Step away, hot oven." We're so proud of our little girl and the imagination she is developing!

As Tabitha is fond of saying, "Happy Bif!" to our Sweet Potato!!

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