Crazy Canning

Last week I froze 4 dozen corn and helped Katy freeze 2 dozen. It was so much fun doing it together that we decided to be C.R.A.Z.Y. and can peaches together.

Friday I bought one bushel free stone peaches at Strites. Sunday afternoon we rolled up our sleeves and set to work. Our darling husbands agreed to take the kiddos, and allow us to work uninterrupted. Due to a random fly infestation in our living room (I know totally gross!), we ended up doing the canning in my parents' beautiful new kitchen. It worked out splendidly. Thanks again Mama and Daddy!

We started off dipping the peaches in hot water, then chilling them to peel the skin. Let me just say that this is the method I was taught, but it has never worked. It's always so frustrating and I have found I waste a good bit of peach because of it. My mother, kindly and sweetly, suggested just peeling them cold, slicing, packing, and then processing. Folks, this is the way to go!!! It was faster, cleaner, and far less stressful. All in all we got 21 quarts of peaches from our bushel.

P.S. We're also planning a tomato sauce (late August) and applesauce (September) canning parties if anyone else is brave enough to join us!

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