Deep Clean Thursdays

Last year, I was determined to make up a Home Management Binder and follow a schedule a mile long. Despite tailoring it to what I thought were our needs, it was impossible for me to stick to and stressed me out. I abandoned it and the binder. However, some of the documents and exercises I went through proved useful in finding what my home management style is-- Tidy but Low Key.

With Tabitha getting to an age where she is more independent and I can play with her rather than entertain her, I'm looking for chunks of open time to just be with my daughter. It's no lie that I thrive on having a clean, tidy, organized home. It helps me be calm, increases my patience, and allows me to think clearly. My husband can attest to the maniac who emerges when the house is in disarray. Cleaning directly leads to my happiness.

To balance an inquisitive toddler with my own need for clean, I was very taken by an article on deep cleaning once a month. I decided, why not? When I was teaching, the art teacher told me how her mother-in-law always cleaned on Thursdays so that she had the weekend free. Because I will work one to two Saturdays a month, I treasure our weekend time as a family and don't want to spend it cleaning the tub. Over the last year, I really put into practice Thursday cleaning. Still, by the end of the day I was a crank. Not because the house wasn't clean, but because I had given it my all. I really started to dread Thursday.

This year, I'm instituting a Deep Clean Thursday (DCT) the first Thursday of the month. I had my first go last week and it went fantastically! Here's how I plan on doing my DCTs: The night before we do a whole house pick-up. Everyone helps (more on T's chores later) and we go room to room. The next day I shower, but didn't "do" my hair or face. Old clothes on, I snagged the dust rag and got moving by 7am. By 9am, the downstairs was vacuumed, dusted, breakfast was had, kitchen cleaned up, and the upstairs was started. I scrubbed down both bathrooms, and washed all the floors in the house. I also stripped beds, washed the bed linens, and remade the beds.

Tabitha did a great job at entertaining herself with books, stuffed animals, and playing pretend with my old flannel board. I loved it as a young girl, but she's having a hoot dressing up the various characters to be firefighters, chefs, and astronauts. Tabitha also helped dust and waited patiently when I couldn't come the moment she called.    

By 12:30pm the house was clean and we both took a break! David brought home take-out and took care of cleaning up the kitchen. It's such a great reward to not have to make dinner after cleaning the entire house. Today, I'll vacuum and wipe down the bathrooms, but that will only take a few moments-- leaving me with a clean home and free time to play with my daughter!

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