Michigan, the Grand Adventure: Part 1

Playing at Koller Park after dinner at the Boatwerks.
We had a lovely visit to Michigan. David and I always comment that when you cross from Ohio into Michigan the sky gets higher and bluer. We started this trip out by heading all the way to the west coast (Holland, MI) to spend a couple days with David's boyhood buddy James and his family. The kids had a blast playing in a hot sunroom, swimming in Lake Michigan, and racing at Pitch Car. The adults enjoyed staying up late for great conversation and heaping bowls of ice cream. Our time together was all too short, but we hope to be able to meet up in the future for similar adventures.

The Mamas and the Kiddos

Vacationing with friends is a newer idea for us. However we found this worked really well. Not only did our kids share similar routines, but as Mama's we operate pretty low key and flexibly. I can guarantee that James and David never imagined their wives would be friends too!

Boyhood friends with their baby girls!

After playing on the coast, we headed northeast to Grand Rapids for a quick trip to the Frederik Meijer Gardens. I LOVE this place! Despite only ever being there in the high heat of summer, I love how nature and art co-mingle. Probably one of my favorite places on the planet. Since we have a membership to the Hershey Gardens, we got in free! Tabitha loved the tea set in the Children's Garden Tree House. She also enjoyed sailing boats and playing with fish in the Great Lakes "ponds". When David and I had visited three years ago, we told ourselves that one day we'd come back with our kids. We have and will again.
Left to right: The Children's Gate; Tea Time!; Great Lakes Sailing; Meet the Meijer Mouse.

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