Michigan, the Grand Adventure, Part 2

What a movie star!
After eating a hearty and healthy lunch at Frederik Meijer Gardens, we headed southeast to Spring Arbor. We were warmly welcomed both in spirit and temperature by David's parents and youngest brother. Grandpa was eager to show Tabitha his garden and his chickens. After a bit of encouragement Tabitha helped pick carrots, some lettuce, and brought in the eggs. 

David and I scored big time as the Toy House in Jackson was having their annual sale. We knocked out a good portion of our Christmas shopping and even purchased a booster car seat for Tabitha. It was half off!!! Of course, the majority of our purchasing was Lego. All I can say is that contrary to what you might be thinking, we weren't the animals some individuals were.

Towards the end of the week, we headed down to Camp Michindoh in Hillsdale, MI for the Bronson Family Heritage Reunion. David's maternal grandmother's family organizes a bi-annual family reunion. We've missed the last two and were so thankful to join on this one! Sometimes I forget that I'm only related via marriage. We have that much fun! Unfortunately, Tabitha came down with a teething fever half way through the reunion. She was a great sport, but it did mean that we missed out on several events we would have enjoyed. Such is the life of parents with young ones. However, we were able to visit the Nature Center and Tabitha bravely touched turtles, snakes, and lizards. We also watched Uncle Caleb climb the rock wall!

One evening, we celebrated the lives of Grandma Ella Munn, Aunt Virginia, Aunt Dorothy, and Aunt Viola. Combined their ages equal 354 years. There were birthday hats, cake, and a pinata--which Grandma was quite good a thwacking. 

Left to right: Ella, Virginia, Dorothy, and Viola.

But Tabitha's favorite part of Michindoh was definitely the Firetruck. She loved playing on it and pretending to drive it all around. Daddy had fun playing too! It was lovely to reconnect with family, meet new members of the family, and start looking forward to the next reunion in 2014!

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