Michigan, the Grand Adventure: Part 3

My how things change!

We concluded our trip to Michigan with a visit to friends from David's college days. Joel and Susan have a lovely home and the most adorable baby boy! He is two pounds lighter than Tabitha but 15 months younger. It further proves that T is living up to her nickname as "Bit".

Susan made the best roast I have possibly ever had and her gravy was awesome. Plus, her cake was heavenly. Again, the adults had enormous quantities while the kiddos just picked at their suppers. We only wished the miles between us were shorter so we could spend more time together.

Building a soap train.

After an extra two days with Grandpa & Grandma, helping them move furniture and prepare for the church's mission sale, we headed home. The car was packed even fuller thanks to our trip to the Toy House, but our hearts were fuller still with memories and fun.

Stickers from Grandma also proved high entertainment!
Tabitha traveled well throughout the trip. We found that having her current favorite singer, Laurie Berkner Band, her magnet board, and discovered a new fascination with her blankie. It was great trip with lots of family fun and great catching up with friends.

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