Summer Daze

I know it's been a bit quiet around here. Amazing things are happening. Truly. I've been consumed most afternoons and evenings with a combination of reading and knitting. Ideas, colors, patterns, possibilities are swirling around inside my head. My family and friend Katy have already endured much philosophical waxing and I fear there might be more (sorry folks!). But it's all good. It's me processing and figuring out what this year and the next several might have in store. There is an energy to it all that I can't seem to get enough of or expend fast enough.

However, there is still reading, percolating and dreaming to be done. So until I get a few more things ironed out... Enjoy these couple of shots from our summer days daze.

Excuse the fuzziness. One of these days I'll learn to take non-blurry shots!

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