Thursday Cleaning Details

I wanted to do a follow-up post to my Deep Clean Thursdays. When my friend Angie requested more details, I knew I had to do this sooner than later. Next week I'll be doing my second Deep Clean. I'm really looking forward to it. The house isn't too gross, but I'm ready to get in and scrub.

During the weeks in-between, I've kept on top of pick-up, decluttering, and light cleaning. My house is approximately 1500 sq. ft. of hardwood and tile. Because we have moved closer to living a minimalist lifestyle we have few decorations or toys that need picked up/contained. Additionally, we have a family pick up party the Wednesday before a Deep Clean. This allows for me to get up and get cleaning first thing in the morning. I don't have to worry about putting away Tabitha's tea set or our dinner dishes, I just have to clean.

Start to finish, deep cleaning takes me about 4-6 hours and a regular cleaning takes 2 hours max. Obviously, depending on the size of your house and lifestyle will determine how long cleaning actually takes you.

Deep Clean Thursdays
  • Clean bathrooms-- includes hard scrubbing of toilets, tub and sinks.
  • Vacuum
  • Wash all floors including steps--bucket and sponge dining room, kitchen, and entry way; Haan all other floors.
  • Dust all rooms and surfaces including ceiling corners
  • Sweep entryway, porch and patio
  • Wipe down all dining room chairs-- I find this is imperative with sticky hands.

Regular Thursdays
  • Vacuum
  • Dust, as needed
  • Haan dining room and kitchen, as needed
  • Wipe down bathrooms-- wipe sink, mirror, shower, clean toilet
I have noticed that about mid-month I need to scrub the shower and wash the floors. However, since I have a system and the time is already allotted it's no biggie to accomplish. This plan has worked so well for us. Plus, friends have joined on Thursdays as their cleaning day so we are able to encourage each other in the pursuit. 

There is no secret formula. This is just a method I have found jives with me and my house. Doubly fun is that when hubby helps (you know that odd Wednesday evening when I just want to clean the house so we can do something fun on Thursday) a regular cleaning is accomplished in 45 minutes. Hezzah!

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