100 Days til Christmas

Tomorrow there will be only 100 days until Christmas. It seems like a lot of time, but you know, it's not. Our family is taking a different approach to Christmas this year. I know, big surprise. Actually, in a way it is. On one side of the family, we've pulled names. This is quite a common practice when you have many relatives, but we don't. All told there are only six adults participating in this name drawing. We've set the limit at $40.00 and all lists/ideas have already been exchanged.

So what's on our list? This year our Christmas lists are all about family. We've gone minimalist. Minimalism and the way we interpret it is really hard for me to express because we don't live in an RV nor do we only own 100 things. Instead, we're practicing a minimalism that fits our everyday life. It's in keeping with the stewardship part of our family motto. We're looking to bring less into our home and what comes in should benefit the whole family.

David and I also made the decision to limit the number of gifts Tabitha receives from us. Each of us will have a full stocking of fun favorite items and probably a few practical things too. Then, under the tree will be 6 presents. Two for each of us. Eventually, we'll add one present for each when Tabitha is old enough to participate in a present scavenger hunt, which is a tradition from the Runyon side.

Our goal isn't necessarily the number of gifts although that does help in accomplishing our motive. We want Christmas morning to have the magic and sparkle, but to be less about the gifts and more about Christ and time spent as a family. We also don't enjoy spending hours in a gift exchange marathon. For us it detracts from what we are receiving and the joy of the day.

There are lots of minimalist gift giving guides to be found on the internet. Like many minimalists we like consumables-- special chocolates or favorite treats and even common items like pasta or soup mixes and rice; we also really value memberships-- to local gardens, state museum or other family centered places; and of course our list has entertainment items that focus on building family-- books, games, or movies.

Have you thought about Christmas? What's on your lists? How do you structure this time of year so that your focus and family values don't get drowned by good intentions or media?

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