My Other Life

I think most of you know I work at a yarn store. I love to knit. I'm also a yarn snob. Well, this past weekend I spent Friday and Saturday working. It was the annual Knitters' Day Out weekend and yarn-love (the shop where I work) was a vendor. It was a lot of work, but it was equally as much fun. Talking yarn, chatting with friends, making new friends, decorating with hand-knits and being surrounded by wool all make me happy.

However, leading up to KDO there is a whole lot of knitting to accomplish. The past few weeks I've been knitting-up a storm. It's all worth it and the finished projects are so much fun.

An unexpected surprise was meeting Julie at KDO. She and I have shared together in pregnancy loss on the Healing After Pregnancy Loss forum on Ravelry. It was great to finally meet her! Too bad we couldn't have a proper chat, but we talked yarn and I hope to see her next year!

The best part of the weekend though was showing my sister-in-law the Ma Belle Ami design and her reiterating her request that I teach her to knit. So yesterday afternoon we got started. She's going to make one as her first project! Not only will it be beautiful but she'll also have something very practical to wear and inspire her to keep going!

Ma Belle Ami... My Beautiful Friend

If that wasn't motivation enough, today the cool temperatures arrived and now I can't wait to complete a few in the works projects for fall wearing!

Off to knit my heart out!

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