Saying Goodbye to Facebook

On October 1, I'm pulling the plug on my Facebook account. While I could list a dozen trivial reasons with no. 1 being the plethora of "Pumpkin Spice Lattes" status updates, the real reasons are quite personal.

I wrote about setting goals for the new year. One of my goals is to institute healthier habits. This applies to what we eat, relationships and how we spend our time. I can very easily spend an insane amount of time online. I like to pretend that I have self-discipline, but of all the fruits of the spirit this one forever fouls me up! If my husband and daughter were honest, they would tell you that they often have to compete with the computer for my time. It's not limited to Facebook, but that little online spot is where I'm starting.

My initial motivation to be on Facebook was to allow closer relationships with those who are far away. In reality, I feel like I know less about them because neither of us make the effort to communicate. Something is posted on Facebook. It is assumed that all have seen it. Therefore, calling, writing, or actually hanging out isn't needed because well, Facebook took care of it. It's a hard reality but I would say that my relationships with others have suffered. At the very least, my view of others has lessened because rather than knowing a person via time spent with them--either physically or in direct communication-- I am settling for their Facebook version. Friends, see, I've got an ugly personal issue here. 

What I am looking forward to...
  • Stronger relationships-- This might only happen within my family, but I'm hopeful that I'll create new habits to actually communicate, rather than "spy-on" my friends.
  • More privacy-- It might seem silly to list that since I have this blog, but it's true. Privacy is under valued and I'm looking to regain a small portion of it.
  • "More" time-- Less perusing of status updates means more time to pursue reading and other hobbies. I say that is a win all around!
If you want to stay in touch, and you fear I don't have your contact info, e-mail me and I'll be sure to update my address book... Does anyone remember those? :-)

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