Saying Hello to Fall!

A happy collage of what is swirling inside and around me this autumn!

R to L; top to bottom:

  • Creature Cardi -- My own private knit-along.
  • Ice -- Doesn't it feel good to laugh!?
  • Party Box -- Ingenius idea. Green. Fun. [Many thanks to Linds for passing this along.]
  • Local Fun -- Hayride bliss.
  • Oatmeal Cookies -- I've made 3 batches in 2 weeks. Addiction? Maybe. Yummy? You bet!
  • The Rhythm of Family -- I need this book.
  • Cloud Dough -- Pure. Simple. Fun.
  • Pizza -- Fit for autumn.
  • Chai -- Love this stuff. It's so creamy in Constant Comment Tea. Especially on these chilly days. [Katy, you've ruined me-- forever.]

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