Imagination Station

These days are full. Full of a missing cat named "Gilferd" a.k.a. Gilbert; an occasional imaginary mouse-friend named Wendell; Itsy-bitsy spider and Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me songs; the adventures of "Mercy C. Watson" a porcine wonder; Curious George-- the book and stuffed versions; "Corderboy" and Little Red Dog; Pippy the Pumpkin; making eggs, nuffins (muffins), and sghetti (spaghetti) in her kitchen; and hunting for acorns without hats.

We're fascinated by color: naming car colors, clothing colors, traffic light colors. To accompany the color intrigue, she also enjoys painting. Particularly when it comes to using a child's pastry brush, 4 primary colored plastic trays, and her imagination. I've had my leg painted blue and my foot green. The walls in the living room are frequently repainted red or orange. The couch also regularly enjoys a make-believe make-over.

She continues to love strolling with her stroller. Her favorite scenario to play out is taking George to the store. She puts George into the stroller, buckles him, then asks, "George, window, okay? Okay George." Then she pushes the sun canopy forward and off they go.

Measuring is also a new hobby. Most things are 26. Not sure if that's 26 inches, centimeters, or some other measurement. We have measured heads, legs, arms, smiles, books, stuffed animals and feet. Our counting remains sporadic. 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 16 is the general flow.

Her love of trains is growing thanks to the many wonderful boys who fill her playtime. Thomas is a fun show to watch, but not as fun as Caillou or George. Bob the Builder or rather Bob the Beader also has a special spot in our hearts--particularly when Mama needs a shower after a long night of sharing a bed with baby.

What has really surprised us is how full her imagination is. She will be eating a graham cracker and announce that it is a giraffe and with the next bite it becomes a sheep. Pretending to fly is also a new fad. She puts her arms straight up and spins. My favorite part: When she stops and looks at me with wide eyes saying, "Dizzy."

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