Real Girls Run

On Friday, I drove--by myself-- to Charlottesville, VA. It's a 4 1/2 hour drive. Not bad, but totally weird to do it alone. I told my dad that I'm pretty sure that is the furthest I've traveled by myself in 8 years. It was both liberating and kinda freaky to be traveling so far without David, but it was for a good reason: I was running a race.

Now unlike this race, I was massively behind in training, a.k.a. didn't train at all. My only goal was to finish. Oh and enjoy beautiful scenery with my crazy marathon running bestie. With Lindsay's encouragement I made it over the finish line. There were moments that Lindsay would say, "Okay we're going to run." And I'd give her a look saying, "Go ahead, I'm walking." Still, she stuck by me. She's been a great friend like that for the past fifteen years.

This race also marked the one year anniversary of my running journey. Last year at this time I couldn't run around the block. While I can't claim that I ran an entire 10K, I can say that I completed one in 1 hour and 7 minutes. It was a great weekend--red cheeks and all!

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