Sandy... The Aftermath

We faired far better than we thought with Sandy's arrival. God was most gracious as he preserved our power and we did not sustain any damage nor have water enter our basement. Basically, we've enjoyed two slow days of family time. Cabin fever is setting in and we're looking forward to getting back into our routine for the remainder of the week.

One of the greatest blessing is having lovely neighbors to share with in our weather adventures. On Monday, we had a Hurricane Party complete with hurricane cupcakes made with the help of Sweet Potato. The girls had a blast spending some time playing despite the dreary weather. The daddies even had a chance to play video games during nap time!

After a long night of three in a bed due to whipping wind, we enjoyed a lazy morning, a quick walk to check out the only real damage in the neighborhood, and then invited our neighbors for chicken noodle soup! It was perfect.

We're feeling very thankful that we were prepared but had no need to use our emergency rations. We hope gentle readers that you are safe and dry and out of harms way.

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