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I know this space has been quiet lately. I haven't forgotten about all of you faithful readers. :-) Life hasn't been overly busy. I just haven't had much to say. This particular post has been collecting bits and bobs over the past few weeks. I think it's time to hit publish before it grows too big!

Before I was a parent, people would tell me how fun it was to watch a child grow. Of course, I relished in the achievements of students and loved seeing nursery babies move from rocking to crawling to walking. However, nothing quite compares to watching your own child develop. It truly is amazing to watch her grow and grasp knowledge. In no particular order, here is a list of our Sweet Potato's latest accomplishments and growth spurts.

  • "Oh goodness gracious me!" (We have a 2 year old going on 80!)
  • "Honey, honey, I sorry"
  • "Just the thing I need"
  • "[George... or some other object] will make me feel better"
  •  "Shoo! That's hard work!" (Often said while jumping on the couch)
 Language Defined:      
Alligator = Elevator, commonly imagined as our entryway. It has a button (a door stop) and is perfect for "carrying" Tabitha and her stroller to other levels of imagination. 
  • When watching a favorite TV show, like George or Bob the Builder, T will often walk up to the TV, extend her arms, and ask one of the characters, "Hold you? Hug?" This is often done when the character is sad or needs some encouragement. It's fun to see her emphathizing in this way. She also shows this concern for her human friends too. :-)
  • Clothes pins are actually glue or hammers for helping fix things around the house.
  • A small purple top is really an umbrella for when it rains in the house.
  • Daddy and Tabitha build a closet from the couch cushions. Tabitha then proceeds to "try on" clothes such as a green wedding dress. Occasionally, Daddy is handed a "dress" but it never fits. 
       Over chicken nuggets from "Wendy's house", Tabitha spontaneous said, "I take chickens to Mr. Dickens." David looked at me asking what book she was repeating. I replied, "None that I know of!" Yes, she made up her very first rhyme. We even have video!
        The very next day she started saying a rhyme from Catch Me, Kiss Me, and Say It Again. It was a two stanza poem and I didn't think she would say the whole thing, but with a little prompting she did. She later repeated it for David.

        While many of her friends have been singing for a while, Sweet Potato has been a bit reluctant. She will often chant songs, but not sing them. We do a lot of singing in our home... especially making up silly songs for cleaning dishes, picking up, and just for fun! However, this morning while eating breakfast, I heard "Jesus Loves Me" being sung. It's only the first two lines, but what a sweet sound. 

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