Hello 30!

Today I am 30. It's been the best birthday ever. Snow has fallen gently all day; my family gathered to sing and laugh and eat; my mailbox and e-mail has been full with well wishes and thoughtful love; and my sweet two year old made me a card. No Mama could be prouder.

Leaving my twenties behind doesn't bother me one jot. In fact, I've got great expectations for this upcoming year. I plan on-

  • Taking a cooking class with a creative and foodie-minded friend. 
  • Giving up make-up (save a little mascara and occasional concealer)... I don't really need it anyway! 
  • Walking more confidently in who I am and acknowledging how I tick.
  • To start a dedicated time of learning more fully God's love and provision of me. 
  • Make enduring changes to our home.
  • Thrilled to continue in this quiet, slow, sweet life I've been blessed to live.
So... Hello 3-0. Welcome.

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