Potty Training take 2 or is it 3?

If you will remember, we've tried potty training in the past. I like to consider myself a go-getter and I think I am in many areas, except a few kinda random ones. For example, as Tabitha grows we are learning that Daddy is far better at teaching her to brush her teeth, swim and potty train. Mommy, um, not so much.

This past weekend Tabitha got a really bad diaper rash. We told her that big girls wear underwear and that if she did she wouldn't get rashes from the nasty diapers. Well, David convinced her to put on the underwear (something I've been unsuccessful at since she turned 2) and potty training commenced. She even commented that, "I don't like diapers. I wear underwear!" I was practically giddy. She seemed interested and motivated and we were gonna encourage every step.

Then she had two days of accidents. The thing that has both of us flummoxed is: She is good about sitting on the potty, and is great at telling us she has gone to the potty in her underwear--despite sitting her on the mini-toilet every 15-30 minutes, but she will not inform us before she goes. We're at a loss as to how to teach her to notice that sensation/feeling.

Honestly, I'm fine with keeping her in diapers until she just potty trains herself. I know. I'm a lazy mom, but the work of potty training is just more than I can handle at the moment. Still, I don't want to pass up an opportunity. Sadly, the lack of success/reward is starting to take it's toll. She is losing motivation, which has happened every time we've tried this before. Not sure who it is more aggravating for-- her or me?

Ideas, suggestions, and tips are welcome.

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