Spring/Summer Wardrobe

This weekend I decided that it was time to iron out the last few bits of Tabitha's Spring/Summer Wardrobe. Spring might still be months away, but I needed some fun colors to brighten these grey days.

Several months ago, I decided to take a different approach to T's clothing. Instead of collecting a million and one items, I set out to purchase and keep only what she would wear. I did fairly well this fall, but it was time to ramp it up for spring and summer. So...I created a lookbook, of sorts, for her clothes. Another bonus, is that Daddy can easily see what clothes go together so there is no more guessing on his part. He's thrilled. Dressing a girl was never a highlight in his Daddy book.

After taking a bunch of photos, organizing them in picmonkey, I could easily see where my weak spots are and what I need to purchase. Now you'll find me at our local consignment shops hunting for:
  • one pair 3T white tights*
  • one pair denim leggings*
  • one pair white leggings*
  • one pair yellow leggings*
  • one navy blue top (solid)
  • one soft green or teal top (solid)
  • one medium yellow top (solid)
* the tights and leggings will transition from spring to summer to fall next year!

That's it! With these small additions Tabitha will have around 40 outfits and 20 pieces of clothing-- not including shoes, accessories (tights, hair bows) or church dresses. Basically, I'm creating a capsule wardrobe for my daughter. 

Sunday Dresses:

Play Clothes:

Yes, the holes are because I'm anal and like to have each row and column match (mostly). 

Play Dresses:

It really was a lot of fun to work through her clothes in such a way. All told the photos, organizing and printing took maybe 1 hour. I'll definitely get faster with time. Basically, I'm using Tabitha as a guinea pig. [What you never do that with your own children? Pshaw!] Because... Next up: Me!

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