A Valentine's Gift

This so-called Hallmark Holiday has never been a great priority for either David or myself. In fact, most years our plans include nothing more than a "Happy Valentine's Day! I love you." No cards, no gifts, flowers just once (disaster!), and on rare occasions a special dinner--generally at home.

Romantic stuff in general just isn't me. I get mired in the practicalities of daily life to the point that I can't think outside of switching laundry, dinner plans, and plotting our next financial goal. Yes, I'm a Capricorn. David, a Leo, takes pleasure in romance and the act of dating his spouse. See this is where our personalities are so different it sometimes leads to each other feeling unappreciated. Not to mention that it's hard to make time for dating. We've never been intentional about it. I even had it as one of my yearly goals last year to have monthly date nights. FAIL.

But. That is all about to change.

Enter the Year of Dates. For Valentine's Day, David received a box with 12 white envelopes. Each one is filled with two different date nights. On the first of each month, David will get to open that month's folder and discover his dates. Then, we'll plan when they will happen that month. 

Now least you think I'm some super wife, I am totally stealing this idea from this blog. I don't even know how I found it, but I'm so glad I did. To keep expenses low, I decided to make a bunch of them at-home dates--especially since we have a 2 1/2 year old. For the few times we're going out, we'll be utilizing gift cards, coupons, and other specials. The hardest part, seriously, was coming up with 12 fun ideas that were us, that could be done inexpensively, and that were fun. Plus, 12 project ideas that wouldn't bore.

Projects? Yep. Being homeowners and parents there are often small things that both of us need to attend to around the house. However, finding making time to accomplish them can be difficult. So I decided to give us two dates a month. One is fun, one is practical. Hopefully, both of us are satisfied and stretched.

Obviously, I can't share what all the dates are but rest assured I will as we have them.

Play a board game
Purge porch storage area

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