Going Forward

I am smitten with this quote. It embodies a sense of fun and lightheartedness, while still accomplishing a goal or moving on with intention. There has been much thought about our future around our home over the past several months. We've been dreaming (even David the non-dreamer!). There are some major changes coming and I'm really excited to share some of them with you. As David and I have been talking and planning, figuring and wrestling, weighing pros and cons, and spending snatched moments re-evaluating our life and lives one thing has been reinforced time and again: Purpose.

Everyone has the desire to live to their potential and use their gifts and abilities. When we aren't able to do this, we become dissatisfied with life, ourselves, or both. Personally, I become sullen and cranky. Then I generally go on a cleaning rampage. :-)

Sometimes our purpose is easily defined, other times it can be hard to nail down what our current life-stage should hold. For David and I, our family motto still holds true and we continue to take steps to act it out within our family and ourselves. We've become increasingly aware of how our individual selves, and the knowledge and understanding about how we individually tick influences our family life--both our nuclear family of three and our extended family.

Over the next few months I hope to share some of the changes that are occurring in our personal lives, our home, and our family. We are moving forward with great purpose and we're attempting to keep a twinkle and smile even when the decisions, the reality, and the journey seem overwhelming.  

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