Good-bye Shopgirl

By the end of May, I will no longer be a shopgirl. The yarn store where I've worked for the past 4 years and enjoyed haunting for the last 5 years is closing. It is a bittersweet ending. This will be a big change in my personal life.

First, I'll no longer be bringing in any income. While this seems silly to even consider because my earnings never contributed greatly to our finances, it will be the first time in our marriage where I'm not adding a penny to our savings. David is such a gracious provider, and now I feel even more responsibility to ensure we live below our means and remain debt-free.

Second, my routine outlet for sanity is disappearing. Since having Sweet Potato, I have thoroughly enjoyed my one day a week non-Mama oriented outing. yarn-love was a place I could slip back into being just me. Yes, I was still a wife and mother, but I was also a shopgirl. This little element of my personality kept me sane in moments when my other occupations seemed to crowd.

What I'll miss most is the weekly fellowship with fellow knitters. Despite the fact that I have done less knitting since a) working at the shop and b) becoming a mother, I have made many friends and I'll truly miss them. I know that some will stay in touch but the joy of working in a small business was seeing regulars and getting to know all who walked through the door. I have been blessed, my daughter has been blessed, my life has been enriched and made fuller, brighter, and wiser thanks to the women whom I have had the pleasure to serve.

However, it's not all sadness. I first started working part-time at yarn-love only a few weeks after handing in my resignation from teaching. At that time, my resigning was a huge HUGE leap of faith. God provided, beyond my wildest dreams, a job that filled me and rarely overwhelmed. It was just what my stressed-out self needed and then some! He has proven Himself faithful and I have no doubt that once again He has great things in store. And even though I'm not privy to His plan(s) as of yet, I know that His will is one I can trust.

From a practical standpoint, I'm looking forward to open weekends with my family; even more freedom with my schedule; not winding miles and miles of yarn for other people; increased knitting time for me--now that I won't have shop samples, class samples, or the newest design I can finally work on beloved projects I've had stashed; and the energy and time to pursue healthier sources for food and cooking in the kitchen. I know it may sound strange, but just as starting to work at yarn-love was a blessing 4 years ago the shop closing is also a blessing.

The next couple months at yarn-love will be precious. I will savor them. And when they finally come to a close I'll be ready to put "shopgirl" behind me and look forward with joy and anticipation. For I know that my time has been well spent and I've done my job well. Whatever the future holds will only build upon the person I have become thanks to my time at yarn-love.

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