Party Time by Sweet Potato

Winter can be long. Especially when your best friends have both added new babies to their families. I don't like not being able to go on walks, or play, or have friends over because of crazy weather. So my Mommy said I could have a party... I talked her into two. One with my friend A and his little brother O and one with the neighbor girls.

We made Balentime cards for our mommies and daddies. I made rice crispy treats and Mommy and Daddy helped me cut them into hearts, stars, and frogs. As a surprise, Mommy put strawberry icing on some of the rice crispy treats.

Here are the balentime's a gave my friends. I also gave myself a baggie of goldfish. They were delicious.

Both parties were lots of fun. I want my friends to come back. I miss them.

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