A Little Catch-up

Time for a little catch-up around here. March seems to have entered as a lamb and is exiting as a lion. We've had snow, sun, 60 degree days, followed by 32 degree days. The poor flora and fauna aren't sure what to make of it. Neither are the humans. Every mom I know is praying for spring and warmth so little bodies can be out running around instead of cooped up inside. The inconsistent weather has also caused a resurgence in colds. Sweet Potato had one last week and thoughtfully shared it with me this week. 

Collage Recap(left to right; top to bottom):
  • Tabitha is very into Lego. She doesn't need her own collection because Daddy has his own private store in our basement. Her favorite is Town Hall. It's basically a reenactment of Godzilla and NYC, but she loves every minute of it. She also can often be found toting random Lego pieces in her pockets. This week's treasures have been some Lego money, a teddy bear, and an ice cream cone Daddy made for her, that also turns into a stop sign and doctor's shot. Her inventions entirely.
  • Last Saturday, my family graciously accompanied me to a new--for us--grocery store. Sharp Shopper ROCKS! Owned Christians the store is a discount grocery. Unlike Aldi or Amelia's (two of my absolute favorite grocery destinations) Sharp Shopper has a larger inventory, outdated items don't make the bulk of their inventory, and lower, yes, lower prices. I bought 6 bags of groceries for $64. Cereal for a dollar a box, name brand toothpaste a dollar a tube, Kraft Mac N Cheese 59¢ a box, applesauce squeeze pouches 3 for $1, and loads of other great deals. While we are watching more closely the types of processed foods we consume, I found some great organic and whole food products at fractions of their normal price. Plus, I found some quick healthier choice snacks that Tabitha can help herself to throughout the day. I will definitely be going back to Sharp Shopper!
  • In other news, we bought a new library bag. The one we had was no longer big enough for all our books. So we purchased a Land's End large canvas tote. As you can see in the picture, it's big enough for Tabitha to sit in, and sturdy enough for me to lift her in it. I'm generally an L.L.Bean girl but the Land's End version has 4 pockets inside which make handy holders for diapers, sippy cups, and Mama's wallet. Plus, it was cheaper. Totally in love.
  • Reading. It's always a favorite past time around here, but lately it's been invading every corner of the day. Sweet Potato just can't get enough. She wakes up and wants you to read; she sits down to eat and wants a story; she has two minutes before bed and she'll hand you a chapter book. Next week I'll be posting about what books are filling our moments.
  • Extra snuggles in bed while sick. A fever, runny nose, and congestion all equal extra long hours in pjs and snuggles with Mommy, Daddy, and George. They have been scientifically proven to help make any cold better.

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